A Prosperous City

The economic capital of Morocco, Casablanca is a prosperous and lively city. It represents Morocco's modernity and dynamism. Given its economic dimension, it constitutes a place for innovation, exchange and social transformation. It can by itself be considered as a metropolis that combines all the other cities of Morocco.
Its architectural heritage "new art" represents a great tourism potential.
A series of projects are underway including the elaboration of an efficient transport system and the establishment of modern infrastructures. The city will also benefit from projects that would reinforce its offer in terms of business tourism. Casablanca is a destination that deserve to be considered for business.

A liberal and dynamic economy

Industry is a predominant activity in Casablanca and constitutes a strong catalyst for growth and for the extension of the urban tissue. Today, this urban center boasts 55% of the country's productive units and nearly 60% of the industrial manpower. It dominates the national industrial space with a significant productive capacity, the diversity of the products and its position at the top of the hierarchy of industrial centers of the country.
This supremacy is even more important when we consider the activities that serve or accompany industry. In fact, Casablanca employs 39% of manpower, represents 35% of national electrical consumption and absorbs 1.231 millions of tones of cement.
The ports of Casablanca and Mohammedia ensure 55% of external exchanges. Its airport serves 51% of passengers.

Casablanca (GMMN)
Situation Géographique : Nouasseur (30 km de Casablanca)
Pistes: 2 pistes
Reçoit le : B747
Equipements navigation : Catégorie IIIA

Parking avions :

Superficie : 250 000m²
Parkings en contact : 09 moyens courrier . 05 gros porteurs
Parkings éloignés : 27

Installations terminales :
Capacité : 4 000 000 passagers/an
Parking Fret : 2
Equipements radionavigation : DME - VOR - NBD - PAPI
Trafic aérien 2005 :
1ère plate forme aéroportuaire du Maroc
Mouvements d’avions : 59,623
Passagers : 4.456,403
Fret (tonnes) : 50 285,40
A skilled and abundant manpower

An important human potential and an efficient professional training system:
Professional training is currently at the heart of the problematic of employment promotion and integration of populations in the active life; a problematic that is set up by decision makers as a national priority.

It also given priority in the governmental policy aiming at developing the human resources of businesses to improve their performance et their competitiveness.

Given its double vocation, professional training is required to anticipate the changes in employment and to innovate in terms of approaches and training modes to be able to accompany the upgrading process of the national economy.
The sector of professional training has developed since 1987 a strong synergy with businesses and trade associations which are heavily involved in the planning and management of training.
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