Sky Aviation Maroc is a leading aircraft ground handling company operating in Morocco. The company supplies a full range of ground support services for passenger, cargo and military aircraft in Morocco. Sly Aviation Maroc is committed to continually producing the most professional ground services, having the most multi-skilled staff and supplying a ground support product for airline partners that is efficient, safe and on time. 

Obtaining Clearances
Local Transportation
Meals and refreshments
Hotel accommodations in Morocco

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Unbeatable Prices
Very experienced professional drivers
More legroom
Reclining Seats and Air-conditioning
Assistance 24 / 7
Free reception at the airport and a personalized service
Advice and guidance throughout your stay
Accessories, guide map of Morocco and free route
Our desire to make you an enjoyable stay

Aircraft handling
Passenger Ground handling
Passenger check-in and ticketing services
Ticketing and travel agency services
Baggage and cargo load and unload
Flight Supervision
Airline representation in Morocco
In-flight catering
Full galley change on turnaround
Aircraft cleaning
Toilet and water servicing
Contract passenger and cargo charters
Co-ordination with aircraft engineering support
Maintenance and provision of all associated ramp handling equipment
Air charter operations

Flight plan and slot clearance
Application for over flying and landing permission
Passengers and crew security
Customs, Immigration clearances
Jet A1 and Avgas
Marshalling and Parking

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