A guide to the fascinating town of Tangier. With its souks, traditional Moroccan cuisineand loads of sights to see, its the perfect destination for your Moroccan holiday. Diverse in both flavour and culture, Tangian cuisine will satisfy your culinary cravings. A worthwhile visit on your Moroccan holiday. Tangier, also known as the White City, revolves around its brilliant import and export port, and assures you to see many millionaires' yachts where the Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean meets.
Many famous writers like Paul Bowles and William Burroughs visited Tangier and even called it their home. Tangier was also the world's first and famous British resort - a role it maintains to a lesser degree today. Tangier is very popular to tourists and Moroccan holiday makers and it has beautiful beaches to entertain them. Tangier has three sources of wealth; the port, Off shore and ferrying would-be immigrants and trucking to Europe. Tangier is energetic, very likeable, and extremely individual with an enduring peculiarity.

Tangier has many hotels and pensions in either the Medina or the Ville Nouvelle. Tangier has two campsites, Camping Miramonte and Camping Achakar they are situated close to the city center and in walking distance of several beaches. They are safe and convenient.

The beaches
The beaches are a big attraction in Tangier. With people enjoying themselves with camel rides , windsurfing , acrobatics and football . The beaches here have a number of beach bars open in summers only. Most of them offer showers, deck chairs, food and drink and cabarets at night.

Tanger (GMTT)
Situation Géographique :  à 11 km de Tanger
Reçoit le : B747

Parking avions :
Superficie : 40 640m²
Capacité :  4 B737, 1 B747, 2 Postes S.R et 1 Poste (Aviation légère)

Radio Aids : DME - VOR/NDB

Aérogares : 
Capacité : 450 000 passagers/an
Superficie : 629 m²
Trafic 2005 :
Fret (tonnes) : 359.27
Place de France
Place de France is a small French-looking square right in the middle of the Ville Nouvelle with many friendly, inviting street cafè's.

The Grand Socco
Visit the Grand Socco market square with its good street cafe's and absorb the city life. The market sells everything from arts and crafts, fruit and vegetables and plain old junk.

The Mendoubia Gardens
Enjoy the inviting shade in the midsummer afternoons that surrounds the Grand Socco Square. This garden contains a fascinating banyan tree that's over 800 years old.

The Caves of Hercules
The caves of Hercules are situated 14km west of Tangier in the Cap Spartel area. It is a place of great beauty and archeological significance

Cuisine & Nightlife
Tangier's nightlife is not really something to get excited about, although there are a few good bars and discos and some of the cafè's in Grand Socco Square stays open all night. If you're looking for a basic inexpensive restaurant or cafe you'll be best off to go look for it at the Medina. If a fancy meal is what you're looking for, than Ville Nouvelle is the place to be.

Getting Around
Tangier, like most Moroccan cities consists of a Medina and a Ville Nouvelle that makes it very easy to move around. Grands taxis are allowed to carry up to four passengers; they are quick and efficient and are a good value for money. Petit taxis can be catched almost anywhere in town, and may not carry more than three passengers, and are metered. Petit and grands taxis increase their rates at fifty percent after 8pm at night. City buses are very useful; they operate between the airport, the train station, Grand Socco and the Caves of Hercules.

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